About Us

Why Us?

Our harvest rates are consistent from week to week. Our business has survived over 30 years with mainly word of mouth advertising.

Our harvest percentages are far above average.

The area that we hunt has a healthy number of mature animals due to the amount of secure habitat. Some of the animals we harvest are record class.

Most of the country we hunt is roadless.

We compete with no other outfitters in our area and we rarely see other hunters during our hunts.

We hunt in a very game rich area where there is an abundance of wildlife. It is not uncommon to see lots of elk, deer, bears, bighorn sheep and mountain goats. Not to mention the eagles, grouse, coyotes, bobcats and other various small game.

All our guides are born and raised on the ranch and have grown up hunting and working in all the country we hunt.

We use the best optics available to increase your chance of harvest. Our gear is top of the line to make our operation handy and functional.

We prepare for your hunt long before you arrive. Trail work is done, camps are set up and supplies are ready to go. (and your elk is tied to a tree smileyface)

We are not hunting the same spots every day due to the vastness of our area. As a result, we do not purge the game out of the country.

We have gentle, safe and dependable horses that are used year round.

Our ranch hunting camp has two warm, cozy, mouse proof cabins with hot showers, toilets and extra large sleep cots-all for comfort and relaxation. Our backcountry camps are state of the art.

Home cooked--All you can eat!

We provide a quiet, relaxing, family atmosphere. If you come as strangers, you will leave as friends!

Honesty is our best policy. There will be no surprises!

Who We Are

Rising Son Outfitters is a family oriented outfitting business, established in 1985. It is owned and operated by Randy and Dena Petrich and their three sons-Zach, Zane and Zander. We are located in south central Montana, in the beautiful Paradise Valley, only thirty-five miles north of Yellowstone National Park.

Our 3000 acre, spectacular, game-rich, private ranch is the base of our operation, which is nestled at the foot of the rugged Absaroka mountain range. Fair chase trophy hunts are offered from both the ranch and adjoining wilderness, located in the Gallatin National Forest. Our U.S. Forest Service permit allows for hunting in over 50,000 acres of secure wildlife habitat.

The vast country in which we hunt is very majestic, ranging in elevation from 5200 to over 10,000 feet. Our success over the years has not only been measured in the harvest of trophy game animals, but also the memories and satisfaction of all the effort put forth during each unique hunt. We specialize in producing the quality hunt that exceeds your expectations.