Guided Fishing Trips

Our son, Zach guides fly fisherman in the surrounding Yellowstone area. We have the privilege on our ranch of having private access into a couple of the most wild trout streams ever imaginable. Fishing trips include floating down the scenic Yellowstone River in a drift boat or sailing out into beautiful mountain side private lakes. Apart from boat trips, Zach also guides Yellowstone National park along with three of the most world renowned private, local spring creeks. Despite the harsh winter weather that Montana sometimes has to offer, the end of March through the beginning of November consistently remains to be the most effective season for hunting the illusive trout.

A day with Zach on the water not only provides a great fly fishing experience but opens up the door for friendships and memories that last a lifetime. ALL LEVELS OF FLY FISHERS ARE WELCOME!!!!!! Zach’s goal is to make you a better angler by helping aid in proper casting techniques, water entomology and ways to approach different water scenarios. Not only will this increase your experience but it will add to your arsenal of fishing techniques for the future to come.

Apart from the fishing, there are an abundance of rare bird species in the Greater Yellowstone area, along with common sightings of beavers, otters, moose, mule deer, elk and the rare occurrence of Mr. black bear. Fish species include the Yellowstone cutthroat, rainbow, brown, and brook trout and also whitefish. All fishing trips are inclusive of lunch, snacks and drinks, along with the necessary equipment needed for a day on the water.

Zach hand ties each and every fly for his guide trips during his off season in the winter months. From the common Royal Coachman to a few of Zach’s home grown secrets, each fly is tenderly loved as it makes its way from the vice to the box.

If you would like take part in the iconic fly fishing experience that Montana has to offer, or you have any other questions regarding fishing with Zach, feel welcome to contact him by filling out the form below or give him a call at (406) 223-0687.

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