Hunting Grizzly Bears Possible as Government Seeks to End Protection

Grizzlies could be hunted across parts of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho, as a proposal by the Obama administration to lift federal protection for the animals is imposed after more than forty years. The administration declared on Thursday that the Yellowstone population of Grizzly bears has recovered from an all-time low of around 135 bears in 1981 to nearly 1000 today.

Thursday’s announcement came as conflicts between humans and grizzly bears have been on the rise, including six people fatally mauled since 2010. Before the bears could be hunted, the control would be turned over to the states and would have to go through a comment period and commissions would have to vote in favor. Officials expect environmental and wildlife advocacy organizations will bring lawsuits to stop the grizzly bear delisting. A final decision on the proposal is due within a year. It could be sooner if wildlife commissioners act quickly to adopt rules on how much hunting is allowed.

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