Spring Bear Hunting Highlights for 2016

Spring Black Bear Hunting in Montana-Hunter harvests giant record book boar

The month of May was very exciting as we enjoyed another spring bear season.  The hunting was great and the company was even better.  Zane joined us this year in his first spring season and guided a client to her first bear harvest.  We renewed some acquaintances with some past clients and friends and were delighted to spend time afield with them.

 Our clients harvested two fine bears, both of which were classic color phase in appearance.  The largest bruin squared just under seven feet and had an interesting story behind his fifteen year old stature.  We discovered after harvesting the bear that he had an ear tag placed by the Montana fish wildlife and Parks several years ago.  The bear had been trapped near Livingston and was then transported to an area near West Yellowstone, Montana.  Over the course of time the bear crossed two major rivers, the Gallatin and the Yellowstone, and traversed over fifty miles to his final destination where we made the harvest.  The official skull measurements are not final yet, but the bear is definitely to the Montana state record books.  Congratulations, Katie, for the bear harvest of a lifetime!  All the bear hunting photos can be viewed in the gallery.

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